Combatting force with right technique!

Frédéric Emond
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Participants at Rodrigo Munduruca seminar on April 18.

The Bravado self-defense centre of Professor Sylvain Moroney has been delighting martial arts enthusiasts for the last two weeks. After offering a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu seminar to fighting fans, the centre is now preparing a tactical survival training course intended exclusively for law enforcement personnel.

Located at the Seishin Karaté-Do school in Châteauguay since 2010, Bravado will host law enforcement personnel on May 6 to give them GST (Gracie Survival Tactics) training. It will be taught at no charge by Yan Perreault, a law enforcement member and a certified GST instructor, as well as by professor Sylvain Moroney, a third degree black belt dan in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

GST is a derivative of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu that puts emphasis on self-defense tactics and on force. Participants are therefore placed in extreme situations where they learn how to confront a stronger opponent. Among others, they will be taught effective methods to ward off surprise attacks, to disarm an adversary, to survive and escape, as well as to stop and control body movements.

Jiu-jitsu: effective art

This training will be done following another activity held at the dojo Seishin Karaté Do – the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu seminar given by professor Rodrigo Munduruca. On April 18, Mr. Munduruca shared his combat knowledge. He is a third degree black belter dan in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Holding many world titles from competitions, Rodrigo Munduruca has been teaching his art across the country for 11 years now.

At 69 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Boulevard, students seemed to be enjoying interlocking arms and practising controlled choke movements; they were on site for the event. During the training, they managed to learn how a weaker person can control a bigger and stronger opponent by applying leverage and immobilisation techniques.

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