Châteauguay police officer suspected of assault

Gabrielle Lachance
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The police officer had several disciplinary infractions on record.

A police officer with the city of Châteauguay was officially relieved of his duties on the basis of several disciplinary infractions. The decision was approved by City Council on July 3.

In addition to his disciplinary record, the officer, who wears badge number 129, is suspected of having assaulted a woman.

"Last February, we realized that the police officer had committed several disciplinary infractions. By conducting an internal investigation, we realized that he allegedly assaulted a woman," explains Stéphane Fleury, director of the police service. "This becomes a criminal allegation and we must therefore disclose the information to the Ministry of Public Safety."

The assault dates back several months. The alleged victim was met by Chateauguay police and her testimony is considered credible.

The investigation was taken up by the Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service which ended after a month long inquiry. "We handed over the investigation to the Crown Prosecutor with our recommendations and it will decide if charges will be laid against the Châteauguay officer," explained Nancy Colagiacomo, Public Affairs Captain at the Longueuil Agglomeration Police.

Even if the prosecutor has not yet made its decision, Fleury still proceeded to dismiss the employee. "For me, the disciplinary infractions were enough for the dismissal. Even without knowing if he will be actually charged with assault, I had to dismiss him. I do so out of respect for other police officers who give the best of themselves each day at work."

Fleury indicated that the officer had disrespectful behaviour that violated discipline, tarnished the image of the police service and showed poor judgment.

Fleury has been in charge of the Chateauguay Police Service since December 2010 and he says that this is the first time in a year and a half that he dismissed a police officer.

Organisations: Ministry of Public Safety, Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service, Chateauguay Police

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