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Karine Martin
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Nathalie Simon and Gilles Laroche announced improvements to many CITSO circuits.

Yesterday, Mayor Nathalie Simon and Gilles Laroche, inspector for le Conseil Intermunicipal de Transport du Sud-Ouest (CITSO) announced changes to several network circuits. Effective August 19, public transport users will be enjoying five improved circuits plus a new circuit.

After conducting a two-year study, Gilles Laroche analysed the existing gaps in the network, particularly in light of the new and actual needs of users. “With these changes, we want to facilitate the public transport system by offering a rapid and efficient service”, the CITSO inspector said. To support this study, CITSO referred to a users’ committee for their significant participation in offering a service that meets the increased requirements of its clients.

“It must be noted that all these modifications were made in full respect of the budget; there was a re-organisation of services to adapt to users’ needs without necessarily incurring additional costs. It was good work on the part of Mr. Laroche” the Mayor pointed out. In order to announce the advantages of these changes, the City of Châteauguay will offer a free programme consisting of 10 trips to residents who request to try the CITSO circuits and the changes made to them. More information on this programme will be available in the next few weeks.

Modifications in brief

Circuit 28: two new departures during afternoon rush hour and adjustments on the frequency of buses.

Circuit 23: all departures will be from René-Lévesque and from Primeau.

Circuit 25: (formerly routes 24 and 20) changes to the route and two new departures.

Circuit 27: Five new departures with connections to circuit 31 in the morning, and six new departures with connections to circuit 32 in the afternoon.

Circuit 29: a service will now be offered in the industrial park during rush hour to be completed by the taxibus service during regular hours.

Circuits 31 and 32: From Monday to Friday, there will be departures every 15 minutes during rush hour, and departures every 30 minutes during regular hours. These represent a total of 24 additional departures.

For any information on schedule and bus stop changes, visit the CITSO website at: www.citso.rog, or go to Facebook at; residents can also call 450-698-3030.

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