Châteauguay couple appreciates morning visit

Marie-Claude Pilon
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Throughout The Beat Breakfast show hosted by Cat Spencer and Sarah Bartok, the winning couple - Elizabeth Ellson and Charles Whitford (at centre) – enjoy posing for a photo with their favorite radio hosts.

It’s not every day that radio listeners get the chance to welcome their favorite morning hosts into their homes. This unique event was experienced by a Châteauguay couple in the morning of September 13. Indeed, Elizabeth Ellson and her spouse, Charles Whitford, were the winners of a provincial contest entitling them to more than a visit by their favourite radio hosts.

In addition to having them in their home, they were also treated to a breakfast of eggs and coffee in the company of 20 close family members and friends! All that in their yard!

Not only were they able to see Cat Spencer and Sarah Bartok in action, but also got familiar with the direct broadcast of a radio show. The temporary facilities that were set up in front of their house triggered the curiosity of neighbors.

“It was impressive seeing all that equipment, vehicles and all the logistics required to directly broadcast a radio show of this magnitude. I’m happy to have seen it this close”, said an onlooker who lives in the area.

But how did two hosts from an Anglophone radio station with the highest rate of listeners land in Châteauguay? “Thanks to an open competition organised by 92.5 FM – we were among 10 finalists and then finally we were declared the winners. Let’s just say we were surprised since it was the very first time that we participated in this kind of contest, even if we’ve been loyal listeners of 92.5 FM” said Mr. Whitford, still surprised.

In addition to having close friends and family enjoy a good meal to start the day beautifully, the winning couple also won a gift cheque in the amount of $3000 from Dormez-vous, a gift that made the Châteauguay couple happy. They’ve been living in Ashmore Street since 1994.

For the winners, this adventure was not only pleasant, but also had an interesting social aspect. “Even if we’ve been settled here for the last two decades, we didn’t really know all of our neighbours. Today, thanks to the radio broadcast, I now know almost of them! So aside from it being a pleasant experience, it has an interesting community aspect”, he continued.

Promotional items like cups and recycling bags with 92.5 FM printed on them were also handed out to passersby, neighbors, and to those who responded to the invitation of the couple and radio hosts.

Moreover, they mingled with watchers in between music breaks, not hesitating to laugh and take photos for those who wanted to!

In closing, the winning couple wanted to say a few words to Quebec radio station listeners: Participate in a contest organised by radio stations because you do have a chance to win. All you need is to participate once to have an incredible experience like the one we had today. I recommend it to everyone”, he said with joy.

Organisations: “It was impressive seeing all that equipment, vehicles and all the logistics required to directly broadcast a radio show of this magnitude. I’m happy to have seen it

Lieux géographiques: Châteauguay, Ashmore Street, Quebec

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