Châteauguay attempts to recover certain taxes

Gabrielle Lachance
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The recovery of certain consumption sales taxes represents tens of thousands of dollars.

The city of Châteauguay has mandated Planitaxe, a law firm, to verify if the municipality could recover some consumption sales taxes.

It was an item on the agenda at the last City Council meeting on June 18.

According to Mayor Nathalie Simon, the City is having difficulty getting taxes back on some paid services. She gave as examples, the purchase of canoes and kayaks which are used for rentals or the acquisition of asphalt. Councilor Ginette Gendron added that sometimes the municipal laws change over the years and that the City needed tax professionals to see if the government could give back an amount on certain taxes.

According to the City, the recovery of these taxes would amount to several tens of thousands of dollars.

Online payment of fines

Soon, the citizens of Châteauguay will benefit from a new online service. They may pay their fines via the web. "This increases service to citizens, especially when you are far from the city and a payment is due," stated Simon, noting that when the service is ready, citizens will be informed.

Deputy Mayor

At the Council meeting, Councilor Mike Gendron was named Deputy Mayor for the months of July, August, September and October. He could replace the Mayor on some occasions during this period.

Water game

The development of a water game at Marcel-Seers Park will soon become a reality. At the June 18 meeting, the call for tenders was launched to find a firm that will be responsible for the work. Then, a schedule and project costs will be disclosed.

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